Microsoft’s NFC-based passwordless authentication


Microsoft released Surface Pro 10 for Business, with a built-in NFC reader – located on the top left of the screen.

This new authentication flow enables quick and secure passwordless login, to the device and cloud services, such as Windows 365 or Imprivata with just a tap of the YubiKey to the device.

The YubiKey can be used at Windows login to authenticate, via NFC, into a user’s cloud-based Microsoft account, instantly signing in to Windows and Microsoft 365 applications.

“Our enterprise customers rely on Surface for industry leading security and seamless user experiences. The ability to quickly and securely sign-in to the device and authenticate with NFC security keys is a critical experience that we’ve added to Surface Pro 10. YubiKeys take full advantage of the integrated NFC reader and delivers a huge win on both fronts,” said Nancie Gaskill, General Manager at Microsoft. “We are excited to work with Yubico to enable the use of YubiKeys, providing users with secure and innovative authentication options to protect against the increasing threat and volume of identity-based cyber attacks.”

The YubiKey natively works with Windows 11, Entra ID, Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) and hundreds of enterprise applications and services to prevent account takeovers.

Additionally organisations, whether public or private sector, can block any sign-in attempt that does not use CBA and ensure your users are protected by leveraging secure, phishing-resistant, multi-factor authentication solutions with a passkey.