11 October 2011, Sydney, A ustralia – MOBOTIX, the world’s largest manufacturer of megapixel network video surveillance systems, today announced an expansion of its distribution network in Australia and New Zealand.


MOBOTIX has appointed S napperNet in New Zealand and Central Security Distribution (CSD) in Australia to bolster its distribution channel. SnapperNet’s extensive IT background makes it perfectly positioned for MOBOTIX IP camera deployments, while CSD’s experience will help promote and bring integrated access control to the industry.


Dean Hobin, Business Development Manager at MOBOTIX said in keeping with our selective partnering strategy th ese two distributors allow us to focus on new areas and further expend our market reach.

“Demand for MOBOTIX cameras and security solutions is at an all time high. The security community is taking notice of our industry leading products that offer a holistic solution to a variety of security needs. Everywhere from home automation, to small businesses, and large industrial sites are rapidly deploying MOBOTIX systems around the region.


“We’ve recently unveiled MxControlCenter 2.5, bringing a wider set of features to our bundled software package. Our customers love that we give them what other companies charge tens of thousands of dollars for, and without the ongoing charge of upgrade or license fees.


“This, combined with our new suite of cameras means we’re gaining significant traction in the market across Australia and New Zealand. Today’s announcement is a big step in furthering our reach and bringing our great products to more and more sites,” Mr. Hobin said.


Richard Paul, Director at SnapperNet said being chosen as a MOBOTIX distributor would allow it to better serve its customers.

“We’re very excited about adding MOBOTIX to our product portfolio. We can now offer best-of-breed IP Camera surveillance solutions to our customer base.”


Mark Cunnington, Managing Director at CSD agreed.

“The security industry is taking notice of MOBOTIX. Their leading approach in IP infrastructure has pushed the industry forward, and as a result, their hardware and software are in high demand. Today’s announcement is a huge win for CSD in Australia.”


The full range of MOBOTIX megapixel network video surveillance systems are available from SnapperNet ( and CSD ( beginning today.