New AXIS Thermal Cameras and Victorian Case Study


AXIS communications have an improved range of thermal cameras, named the AXIS Q1922 and Q1922-E. These cameras are promoted as providing cost efficient 24/7 surveillance of security applications such as airports, powerplants and harbours. The thermal cameras work by creating an image based on the heat that radiates from an object person or vehicle, allowing them to see through perfect darkness. They can also handle difficult conditions such as fog, haze and smoke better than conventional cameras.

The cameras will be available in January 2012 through Axis’ Australian distribution channels. Axis also announced it’s involvement in a Public Safety Infrastructure project in central Footscray in Melbourne’s inner west. Axis’ P13 fixed outdoor series along with it’s Q6032 model will offer coverage of the areas of interest which cover roughly five blocks in Footscray. Owned by Maribyrnong Council but operated by the Victoria police, the surveillance component is one segment of a larger package of integrated activities to improve public safety in the area.

The project coincides with an announcement from the Victorian Department of Justice of a $39 million Community Crime Prevention Program to assist in local crime prevention initiatives.

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