New Crime and Justice Research Centre


The Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) will be placed within the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) to boost research capability at the nation’s criminal intelligence agency.

Legislative changes to be introduced to Parliament within weeks will bring two of the nation’s leading authorities on crime and justice together under one banner.

The AIC will be incorporated into the ACC as an independent research branch known as the Crime and Justice Research Centre (CJRC).

This is not about cutting costs or personnel of either agency; it’s about creating a unified workforce incorporating staff of both agencies.

Combining the expertise, capabilities and data and information holdings of the AIC and the ACC will significantly enhance support for law enforcement in counter terrorism efforts and in bolstering Australia’s response to serious and organised crime.

Our law enforcement and protection agencies are increasingly dependent on accurate research, information and intelligence to ensure that police on the ground, at our borders and in our intelligence agencies can do their job.

The more we strengthen our research capabilities, the better evidence base we have for our agencies to identify the patterns and associations that can help detect, disrupt and undermine those who seek to do our communities harm.

In July this year, the Government appointed ACC CEO Chris Dawson as the acting Director of the AIC to work towards expanding the two agencies’ existing relationships. Mr Dawson will continue to lead the new Crime and Justice Research Centre.