New Intelligent Identity and Access Security Platform


BeyondTrust has announced the BeyondTrust Platform, featuring a modern architecture that delivers intelligent identity and access security through an unified platform and interface that removes friction and drives unparalleled insights for organisations of all sizes.

Today, organisations are being asked to do more with less, while facing an expanding threat landscape. They know they cannot solve emerging security problems with a disjointed patchwork of solutions or a poorly integrated ecosystem.

“Our customers have told us they want a single platform that removes complexity and the risk created by fragmented infrastructure,” said Raj Cherukuri, Chief Product Officer at BeyondTrust. “They need solutions that accelerate time to value with easy deployments and deliver a robust set of common capabilities to reduce security risk, while accelerating their digital transformation initiatives.”

“The BeyondTrust Platform leverages a single interface to discover, manage, and protect identities, control access, as well as proactively detect anomalous activity. This new solution reduces complexity and management burden through a revolutionary single agent approach and unified management console across all BeyondTrust apps.”

Along with the platform, BeyondTrust also announced its new Endpoint Security App, a modern privilege management solution that enables better policy management, access control, aggregated application monitoring, and threat detection; these integrated capabilities prevent attackers from elevating privileges, mitigating cyberattacks.

]Additionally, it is also announcing the initial release of BeyondTrust’s new Cloud Privilege Manager App, which provides visibility and management of entitlements across multicloud environments from a single pane of glass. Together, with the Endpoint Security App, it enables broad visibility of identities across an organisation’s on-premises and cloud footprint.

By adopting a natively integrated and unified solution for identity and access security, organizations can better tackle existing use cases and expand to emerging ones, further reducing their attack surface. The BeyondTrust Platform provides a unified view of an organisation’s identity landscape. This visibility helps organisations:

  • Better manage, control, and protect their identity landscape
  • More effectively control access to critical resources
  • Easily meet security and compliance targets