New Zealand Defence Force Selects Intelligent Software Solutions For Airspace Mission Planning and Tasking Solution


ISS LogoIntelligent Software Solutions (ISS) has announced that the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) has selected its C2Core® product to provide airspace mission planning and tasking capabilities, as part of the wider Defence Command and Control System (DC2S) project currently in acquisition by the New Zealand Ministry of Defence.

Under the terms of the contract, ISS will provide automated support of operational mission planning and Air Tasking Order and Airspace Control Order production. C2Core will be integrated with the NZDF defence network and will interface with existing NZDF systems.

Through C2Core, the NZDF will achieve a fully automated mission planning, tasking and execution capability that leverages mature, best-of-domain operational processes. In addition to significant increases in air operations efficiency and operational effectiveness, the NZDF will achieve an unprecedented level of interoperability with allied air forces.

According the RNZAF’s Chief of Air Force Air Vice Marshal Mike Yardley, “C2Core will be a valuable component of the RNZAF’s command and control framework and its contribution to the NZDF’s DC2S capability. Operations staff are excited about the improved effectiveness that will result from implementation of C2Core.”

“C2Core will dramatically enhance the NZDF’s airspace command and control capabilities,” said Jay Jesse, CEO, ISS.  “We are confident that C2Core capabilities will provide the NZDF a right-sized and cost-effective solution for its current requirements and will enable it to more effectively interact with allied forces around the world.”