NINJIO has announced it has acquired DCOYA.

Like NINJIO, DCOYA focuses on behavior modification – an approach that’s only becoming more crucial as cybercriminals continue to rely on social engineering to infiltrate companies and steal sensitive information. DCOYA’s technology works backward from the psychological tactics of the most successful human-related hacks.

The new solution will allow NINJIO to determine a person’s area of greatest vulnerability (greed, fear, obedience, and others) and provide reinforcing education that specifically addresses that vulnerability. Additionally, the acquisition of DCOYA will allow NINJIO to track and report how individuals, subgroups, and whole companies improve over time, allowing CISOs and CIOs to see the results of their behavior change tactics, beyond simulated phishing failure and reporting.

“DCOYA is a perfect fit for NINJIO because the team is aligned with our core philosophy,” says NINJIO CEO Shaun McAlmont. “We already offer the best behavior-based learning content in the market, as well as an integrated LMS, simulated phishing tests, and reporting. We are thrilled to add a set of digital tools that will make our platform even more proactive, automated, and data-driven. DCOYA’s machine-learning-powered technology enables us to meet a security professional’s specific needs and streamline their approach to cybersecurity.”

DCOYA’s emphasis on behavioral neuroscience stems from the basic human motivations hackers use to exploit individuals. Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report found that 82 percent of breaches involved a human element, which highlights the “importance of having a strong security awareness program.” A vital component of any cybersecurity awareness program is the ability to determine whether it’s actually leading to sustainable behavior change among employees.

“It was clear to us that connecting to NINJIO meets our vision to lead cybersecurity awareness into a safer place for all users. In fact, it was one of the easiest decisions we have made.” Said Asaf Kostel, CEO of DCOYA. Additionally, he added, “The combined capabilities and solutions of both companies will revolutionize the cybersecurity awareness landscape. As we see it, changing behavior based on science and AI is an important and significant step towards a safer world in terms of cyber awareness and reflects a complete fit for the shared vision.”