On its Way: World Data Privacy Day


January 28 is World Data Privacy Day, which raises awareness around the growing need for security and protection of data, every company’s #1 asset.

With the world increasingly becoming more digitalised and more oganisations accelerating transformations to adopt cloud-based platforms and services, data proliferation and fragmentation continues to keep the C-Suite awake at night. In Asia Pacific & Japan region, 75% of APJ organisations have already embarked on digital transformation and 82% of APJ organisations are using more than 100 data sources, adding to the complexity in managing fragmented data, a recent Global CDO study revealed.

The Informatica CDO study findings also indicate that only 10% of Australian organisations have standardised data management functions and Australia is one of the lowest in data privacy and governance standardisation. These Australian organisations are seeing data security as one of their top priorities amidst trying to keep the lights on in daily data management.

Read the full report here.