Outdoor and pay-to-access security speedgates arrive in Australasia


An access control gate designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and a pay-to-access speedgate that processes transactions and issues receipts are among the new products being introduced to Australasia by security solutions provider Centaman Entrance Control.

“The EasyGate SPT-Outdoors is built for all conditions”

The EasyGate SPT-Outdoor is the company’s first outdoor speedgate. Centaman Entrance Control General Manager Michael Bystram said it had been created to meet the needs of warehouses, distribution centres, manufacturing plants and other outdoor facilities that require speedgates to control external entry points.

“This is one of the only speedgates on the market designed specifically for outdoor use. It’s made using high quality components that can withstand rain, snow, sand, and the wide variety of different humidity and temperature levels.”

The EasyGate SPT-Outdoors comes in variations with mid (1,200 mm) or full (1,800mm) barriers, and is also available as a bike access solution with a longer access lane and built-in detection of bicycles.

“An EasyGate SPA installation controlling entry to a public toilet”

Mr Bystram said Centaman Entrance Control had also introduced an upgraded version of its EasyGate SPA (small payment application) speedgate for facility managers that want to provide access to paying users only once a customer has made payment using the gate’s built-in payment functionality.

He said the upgraded gate included built-in payment and receipting functionality that could accept credit cards, tokens or coins, making it ideal for theme parks and attractions, as well as public amenities such as toilets and showers. The EasyGate SPA was available in wider lane widths to allow for wheelchair access and ensure compliance with Australia’s Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) – something traditional tripod turnstiles often failed to do, he said.

“An EasyGate SPA installation controlling entry to a public toilet”

Other products that have recently been introduced by Centaman Entrance Control include a range of high security portals for facilities that want to provide 24/7 access. These portals remove the risk of people illegally entering facilities by ‘tailgating’ authorised users through entrance control gates and provide a high level of security.

“Globally we’re seeing a wide range of security solutions being created to meet the needs of businesses operating in a variety of different environments,” Mr Bystram said.

“Centaman Entrance Control is thrilled to be bringing these innovations to Australia and New Zealand.”