Quick Q&A with Jason Gotch


Dynamiq’s NSW Managing Principal, Jason Gotch has a knack for networking that has seen him build a popular profile within the industry over the past 27 years. Jason has gained his experience having worked across various industry sectors throughout Australia. His current passion revolves around Organisational Resilience, the “not so new“, emerging field that combines the many protective disciplines of security, crisis, emergency and continuity management with a robust and strategic approach to organisational culture.

How did you get into the security industry?

The slow way! I started in guarding, event and crowd control way back in 1989, from there I worked my way up through the ranks so to speak. Since 2003 I have been involved in more senior roles working across Australia in various sectors. Whilst working at the Perth Arena, I was introduced to the concept of organisational resilience by renowned practitioner David Parsons and immediately felt that it was an area that both interested me and would grow substantially. Since then, I have worked in several resilience roles and currently contribute to the industry through working groups, networks and government committees.

How did your current position come about?

Whilst working at Westfield in a Risk and Security role, I engaged Dynamiq to assist with critical incident and emergency management training. This gave me an opportunity to work closely with the directors and several consultants, many of whom I knew already, so when the opportunity came to join the firm, it was an easy choice! My role works across the various divisions of the company with a particular focus on the NSW sector, working with clients on individual disciplines and resilience methodology to meet their specific organisation’s needs.

What do you like about your job?

Everything! Honestly, it’s a great position, with a very open playbook that allows me to build on the company’s business resilience proposition and service offering. We have a fantastic technology product in EMQ Net that has been a leader in the market since 2002, it is a very robust product with a proven track record and is currently utilised by many national and international companies. Depth of service and personnel ensures that a high standard of delivery, matches Dynamiq’s overall profile…Click HERE to find out more about this article