RAS Watch Partners with CONTRACE Public Health Corps to Expand Access to Trained Contact Tracers


RAS Watch, a provider of managed global security operations centers and scalable security programs, has partnered with CONTRACE Public Health Corps to help scale its contact tracing service. As part of the partnership, CONTRACE will work with RAS Watch to provide trained, qualified individuals to clients whose goal is to identify potential exposure to COVID-19 and halt the spread of the disease across an organization.

Contact tracing has traditionally been a manual process where individuals work with patients to develop a list of everyone they have been in close contact with during a certain period. However, RAS Watch leverages advanced monitoring services technology, targeted communications and emergency response to augment this process and offer its contact tracing service for customers.

Organizations that opt for contact tracing through RAS Watch can help protect employees and customers from exposure to COVID-19 and potentially aid in the goal of safely returning to work. CONTRACE is focused on deploying an army of qualified contact tracers to help fight COVID-19 and safely reopen the U.S. economy.

“Our organization focuses on connecting highly qualified contact tracers with organizations like RAS Watch that can use their expertise to help identify and isolate confirmed cases of COVID-19,” said Steve Waters, Founder and CEO, CONTRACE. “We’re excited to partner with RAS Watch as they aim to help businesses return to work safely and put the health and well-being of employees front and center by leveraging advanced technology to streamline this process.”

“Working with an organization like CONTRACE opens up a vast network of trained individuals to support the work we’re doing with organizations across the country, allowing us to scale quickly to expand support when there’s an immediate need,” said Ryan Schonfeld, Founder and CEO, RAS Watch. “We want to provide an alternative for companies that span multiple geographic areas by providing a single service that allows them to share information, rapidly communicate and keep both employees and the public safe – all while maintaining privacy.”

For more information about the RAS Watch contact tracing service, click here.