Raytec Launches New IP Lighting Integration with Avigilon Control Center (ACC)


Raytec is delighted to announce that VARIO IP Network Illuminators are now fully integrated with the Avigilon Control Center (ACC)  Video Management System from Avigilon.

Raytec logoThrough the use of the integration with the Avigilon Control Center from Avigilon, VARIO IP illuminators can now operate in conjunction with Avigilon HD video security cameras and other network devices. This integration improves security event response capabilities by delivering dynamic, situation-dependent lighting to accompany live security camera events. Overall, ensuring the highest levels of security and safety at all times in answering incidents.

In the case of White-Light illumination, this provides an automatic and highly visible lighting response in the exact place the activity is happening, which results in an extremely effective crime deterrent.

VARIO IP Network Illuminators are highly customisable, and can be easily tailored to meet the exact requirements of any installation. Available in Infra-Red, or White-Light LED variants, VARIO IP can be controlled individually, or in groups via the ACC system. This makes it easier to deliver an appropriate lighting response on large sites. Operators can also make adjustments to any single Raytec illuminator, or group of illuminators in real time to optimise image quality for the best night-time surveillance, 24/7.

Providing an extremely high quality and even distribution of light, Raytec illuminators allow Avigilon HD video security cameras to capture extremely clear images with minimum noise. This assists their self-learning video analytics to work to its full potential, while also improving the accuracy and reliability of alarms.

This is the latest in a series of integrations demonstrating Raytec’s commitment towards smarter lighting in the security industry. It expands Raytec’s functionality to meet specific end-user requirements, by using lighting as part of a fully integrated system for the highest level of security, safety, and control over lighting – anytime, anywhere.

Download the ‘Raytec-Avigilon Integration’ plug-in software here.