Raytec strikes gold with AXIS in Northern Europe


Raytec is delighted to announce they have been chosen as the first ever AXIS Gold Technology Partner for Northern Europe.

The Gold Partner status follows many years of collaboration between the two companies, particularly in delivering first class education and harmonising technologies to create the smartest, greenest and most advanced systems.

CCTV lighting specialists Raytec, and AXIS Communications, leader in network video, are committed to spearheading the evolution of security technologies. The two companies hold regular test night events across the globe to help all security professionals get the most out of their system, and to demonstrate how new advances in technology change the way we design and install security systems.

Industry first VARIO IP network illuminators from Raytec can be fully integrated with AXIS IP cameras to create the most advanced network video and lighting system. Instant remote control allows the highest level of safety and security at all times, whilst the ability to control lighting intelligently via Axis video analytics, allows lighting to be activated on alarm only when needed; to effectively deter crime and also further reduce the running cost of the system.

In addition, integrating Raytec lighting and AXIS ‘Light Finder’ super light sensitive cameras, produces highly efficient night time CCTV, with a system that requires less optical power but that delivers superbly enhanced images; again reducing the whole running cost of the system.

“Raytec is delighted to be recognised as an AXIS gold partner”, comments David Lambert, Managing Director (Joint) of Raytec, “and we are continuing our work together to educate our customers in Northern Europe and across the globe”.

“Our work together reflects the critical role that lighting plays in the success of network video, not only in providing necessary and sufficient lighting levels for night time surveillance, but also in providing a dynamic, intelligent and bespoke solution”.

Other activities have included online webinar training, workshops, joint technology papers and videos, as well as an ongoing commitment to joint product integration and development.

Watch the Raytec and Axis ‘Test Night Explored’ video here to see both technologies live in action with practical set up and design tips for the best night time CCTV.