Replacement for Do-It-Yourself DevOps with The One DevOps Platform


GitLab has announced the launch of its next major iteration, GitLab 15, starting with its first release version, 15.

According to a recent Bain study, 90% of companies have stated that DevOps is a top priority, but only 12% believe their DevOps practices are mature. Many organisations have integrated various DevOps point solutions, but these tools are often time- and resource-intensive to maintain, ultimately working against their business-critical mission and halting innovation.

“In today’s highly competitive landscape, organisations are under more pressure than ever to deliver software faster and more securely. They need a more mature, comprehensive platform to improve their time to market,” said David DeSanto, VP of Product at GitLab. “GitLab solves this problem with The One DevOps Platform. Organisations can do away with their do-it-yourself (DIY) DevOps toolchains and bring teams together from planning to product in a single application, enabling them to ship secure code faster, achieve business results, and improve their teams’ experience and collaboration.”

“Organisations increasingly look to developer velocity to drive business results,” said Kelly Fitzpatrick, Senior Industry Analyst at RedMonk. “At the same time development teams are often adversely affected by the developer experience gap – the expectation that teams cobble together (and maintain) complex DevOps toolchains and processes with the technical equivalent of duct tape – resulting in decreased software delivery cadence and developer job satisfaction. With its latest release, GitLab is working to provide organisations with a platform that both allows developers to focus on building innovative products and facilitates collaboration among all stakeholders, with the goal of creating stronger business outcomes and more technological innovation.”