RSA Conference 2019 APJ Announces Innovation Program for Regional Cybersecurity Entrepreneurs Ecosystem


The RSAC Innovation Program is designed to empower early-stage innovators, by providing a platform to share their ideas and gain the support needed to become full-scale cybersecurity businesses

RSA Conference has announced its new innovation program in the Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) region to help cybersecurity startups move from pilot or stealth to proof of concept and scale.

The RSA Conference (RSAC) innovation program in the USA has proven success, enabling startups like NuIDSpherical Defence and Styra to take the next step in growth. RSAC is now working to make this program a reality in the APJ region.

The innovation program will be a new and integral part of RSAC 2019 APJ, which begins on Tuesday, 16 July, and runs through Thursday, 18 July, at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center in Singapore. Into its seventh year, RSAC 2019 APJ will support Singapore’s endeavor to develop early and growth-stage cybersecurity entrepreneurs and startups, whether homegrown or from across the world.

These programs will reach entrepreneurs at all stages in their careers and at different levels of product development. The RSAC 2019 APJ innovation program will include RSAC Launch Pad, which is designed to give burgeoning cybersecurity talent a platform to pitch their new businesses and industry solutions to high-profile venture capitalists (VCs) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) in a live, Shark Tank®-style format. If the judging panel believe in a company’s solution, the startup could receive VC funding, mentorship support or be invited to exhibit at RSAC 2020 USA to propel its business to the next level.

RSAC Launch Pad aims to help entrepreneurs who are developing fresh solutions that can make a significant impact on the information security space. To qualify, a startup must be incorporated for two years or less and have not raised more than a first round of funding.

In addition to RSAC Launch Pad, the innovation program also introduces RSAC Early Stage Expo. This is an innovation pavilion on the exhibition floor that is dedicated to promoting up-and-coming companies in the cybersecurity industry. Emerging startups that are less than five years old can use this dedicated space to showcase their innovations and demo their solutions at the briefing center to influential decisions-makers and investors.

“As governments and companies seek to safeguard their citizens’ interests and their economic expansions into the digital era, the focus on information security is growing and the global cybersecurity market is poised to attract an investment of US$105 billion by 2020[1],” said Linda Gray Martin, General Manager and Chief of Global Operations, RSA Conferences. “RSAC 2019 APJ in Singapore will bring together organizations, entrepreneurs and startups to elevate an already vibrant ecosystem for better and robust national and regional cybersecurity.”

“We have seen Singapore make significant strides in becoming a hub for cybersecurity innovation, from emerging cutting-edge enterprise-grade solutions, to larger funding rounds and a few exits,” said Matthias Yeo, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Fund Singapore and RSAC Launch Pad judge. With Southeast Asia’s digital economy forecast to reach US$240 billion by 2025[2], innovative programs such as RSAC Launch Pad and Early Stage Expo are important steps forward in creating a robust regional cybersecurity ecosystem with solid foundations and links to the global industry.”

Details of the RSAC 2019 APJ Innovation Program:

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[1] IDC, Worldwide Semiannual Security Spending Guide, March 2017
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