Rubrik Joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association


Rubrik has announced it has joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA).

The nomination was a result of Rubrik unveiling a new integration with Microsoft Sentinel, providing Data Risk Insights that give security operations teams a better view from the inside out to accelerate security investigations for rapid recovery in the event of a cyber-attack.

The new integration with Microsoft Sentinel helps Security and IT Operations to work together by providing both groups a common view of data risks and threats. This allows users to recover quickly and confidently with malware-free backups to restore critical operations that keep businesses up and running.

The integration with Microsoft Sentinel automates investigations in the event of an attack by allowing Security and IT Operations to:

  • Understand the scope and root cause of an attack more quickly and thoroughly
  • Prevent malware reinfection and easily identify the last known malware-free backup to restore
  • Trigger a recovery from Microsoft Sentinel, with pre-built workflows to enable faster remediation efforts

“Rubrik’s mission is to secure the world’s data. Combining our data risk insights with Microsoft’s suite of security services gives Security and IT Ops teams a holistic view so they can achieve business resilience against cyberattacks and operational disruptions,” said Dan Rogers, President of Rubrik. “Using Rubrik’s unique data observability capabilities to monitor data risks and data recovery capabilities to respond to attacks, we enable customers to secure and recover data, wherever it lives, across enterprise, cloud, and SaaS environments. We are proud to be a part of MISA, as it further validates Rubrik’s pioneering data security capabilities and underscores our ability to help protect our mutual customers’ security environments.”

“We believe that by coming together as a community to innovate, build strategies, and share knowledge, we empower ourselves and our customers as defenders. That’s why MISA is such a vital part of our mission. Together with our partners like Rubrik we can turn obstacles into innovation and embrace today’s challenges as an opportunity to build a better, safer world for all.” said Vasu Jakkal, CVP, Microsoft Security.