SecureWorks Counter Threat Platform Brings New Security Layer to Customer Workloads on AWS with Expanded Monitoring Capabilities


Organisations can add security bolstered by threat intelligence as they pursue the potential of cloud computing and hybrid IT.

secureWorks_logoSecureWorks is expanding the capabilities of its vendor-agnostic, data analytics engine – the Counter Threat Platform (CTP) – to now provide security monitoring of client applications and data being hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The solutions are designed to enhance the security of an organisation’s applications and data being hosted on AWS.

For 17 years, SecureWorks has helped protect on-premises environments across the globe. Now, SecureWorks is leveraging its up-to-the-minute threat intelligence, the expertise of its Counter Threat Unit research team, and the native logging features of AWS to extend its portfolio of security solutions to the cloud.  The first of its offerings, which are purpose-built for AWS, include:

  • Monitored AWS EC2 server instances
  • Monitored Firewall and Web Application Firewall on AWS (support for multiple industry-leading firewall and web application firewall technologies)
  • iSensor Intrusion Prevention System on AWS

SecureWorks’ iSensor Intrusion Prevention System on AWS can inspect both outbound and inbound traffic to an organisation’s cloud environment and block new and emerging threats.

SecureWorks also takes advantage of AWS-specific data sources and collects logs and telemetry from the technologies running in AWS, including when they spin up and down. SecureWorks supports multiple sources of log data, including logs from Amazon CloudWatch and CloudTrail.

These new offerings, combined with the company’s award-winning on-premises security solutions  and Emergency Cyber Incident Response service on AWS, offer a comprehensive answer for security considerations for both on-premises environments and in the cloud, allowing  organizations to pursue hybrid environments. Organisations benefit from a comprehensive view into the security of their data and applications regardless of where they reside.

“Organisations need to understand they have to play an active role in securing their cloud assets too,” said Frost & Sullivan Research Director Frank Dickson. “Moving to the cloud is not a binary decision; it is not all or nothing. Every enterprise will have some portion of its enterprise resources on-premises and some portion in the cloud, a hybrid reality that needs to be proactively addressed.  Security providers like SecureWorks who bring a mix of threat intelligence and security expertise to customers that is applied across on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments provide critical value to customers as they further embrace the opportunities enabled by the cloud.”

As organisations continue to pursue hybrid environments with data and applications both on premises and in the cloud, the new solutions will allow the SecureWorks CTP to deliver security from the data centre to the cloud.  The CTP aggregates over 180 billion events a day from SecureWorks’ clients and blocks those determined to be cyberattacks. With the CTP, SecureWorks can deliver countermeasures and generate valuable intelligence, as well as context about the intentions of the attackers, that can then be applied to secure cloud environments.

“As the leader in New Zealand, Australia and the UK in cloud accounting software for small businesses, we take security seriously,” said Aaron McKeown, Lead Security Architect at Xero. “The protection of sensitive financial data of our 700,000 global subscribers is our most important priority. Working closely with SecureWorks technology provides us with the advanced threat intelligence and integrated visibility we need for seamless security and scale on Amazon Web Services.”

“We hear every day that security is top of mind as organisations migrate to the cloud,” said Matt Eberhart, executive director of global product management at SecureWorks. “Our new solutions enable our clients to confidently embrace the cloud by extending security visibility and protections alongside cloud workloads and the traditional datacentre environments we have been protecting for 17 years. Our Counter Threat Platform will seamlessly extend your security program into the cloud with visibility across your traditional security controls, enabling your business to feel confident about your cloud security position as well as your cloud security posture.”

The Monitored AWS EC2 server instances, Monitored Firewall and Monitored WAF solutions are available globally except in Japan. The Managed iSensor service is expected to be available in the fall of 2016. Language support is in English at this time.

“SecureWorks is a partner we trust to keep our cloud infrastructure secure as we evolve and expand our banking customer base and ensure valuable financial data is protected,” Greg Judy, senior vice president and information technology officer at Colony Bank.

About SecureWorks
SecureWorks is a leading global provider of intelligence-driven information security solutions exclusively focused on protecting our clients from cyberattacks. Our solutions enable organisations to fortify their cyber defenses to prevent security breaches, detect malicious activity in real time, prioritise and respond rapidly to security breaches and predict emerging threats. As of April 29, 2016, SecureWorks served over 4,300 clients across 59 countries. For more information, individuals can also visit