SENSTAR INTRODUCES GALLIUM-PDS A Passive Detection System (PDS) for cell phones and mobile devices optimized for correctional facilities


Senstar LogoSenstar is pleased to announce Gallium-PDS, a passive detection system that detects and locates the illegal use of mobile devices.

“Contraband communication devices are a growing problem for correctional facilities as they undermine the objective to keep inmates separated from the outside world and the crime community,” said Senstar Corporation President Brian Rich. “Gallium-PDS was developed specifically for the specialized complex mixed RF environments of correctional facilities. It co-exists with the numerous on-site friendly communication devices, and can pinpoint use of illegal ones to within one inmate cell.”

Gallium-PDS is built around sophisticated, yet affordable signal processors that cover a wide radio frequency (RF) range and have the capability to scan and focus on individual transmitters, thus ignoring irrelevant legal transmitters within and outside the facility. A network of sensors and processors correlates received cellular signals and generates a map of the transmitting devices, with an accuracy of a few meters (approximately 10 ft). The results are superimposed on a building floorplan which enables a

“Being a passive detection system, Gallium-PDS does not require radio licenses, there are no legal or environmental restrictions, and there is absolute containment of the protected area with no spillover effects,” said Mr. Rich. “As a result, it addresses many of the shortcomings associated with other solutions, such as wideband RF jammers, managed access solutions and energy detectors.”

For a demonstration of Gallium-PDS visit Senstar at booth 5 at the 2015 Construction and Maintenance Institute conference from October 13-15. Also talk to us about Senstar’s other exciting products: FlexZone our ranging fence-mounted detection system; FiberPatrol, our ranging fiber system which provides pin- point detection for long perimeters; Tungsten, our new cyber security Ethernet switch; OmniTrax, our award-winning ranging buried cable detection sensor; and Flare, our personal emergency locating

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