Shavlik Eliminates Known Vulnerabilities in Third-party Software with Shavlik Patch 2.1


Shavlik LogoShavlik has announced the release of a new version of Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center <> , which delivers the security organisations require in the continued fight against cyber breaches. Shavlik Patch delivers simple third-party application updates through Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), similar to traditional Windows updates, eliminating the need for new infrastructure, workflow, and resources often required to plug the security hole caused by unpatched applications.

“IT organisations spend large amounts of budget securing infrastructure to keep intellectual property and business critical data in the data centre, but many times they neglect the endpoints,” said Robert Juncker, Shavlik vice president of research and development. “It is imperative that businesses have a solid patching strategy that distributes security updates to all workstations and servers on the networks to avoid any weak links throughout their systems.”

As hacker attention and attacks turn from critical servers to fringe devices, IT administrators face a sizeable challenge in keeping software up-to-date. According to the National Vulnerability Database <> , 86 percent of reported vulnerabilities come from third-party applications. Shavlik Patch for SCCM reduces the risk created by these applications by adding third-party application protection to SCCM.   In addition to these benefits, Shavlik Patch for SCCM provides enterprises with:

·     Patching capabilities from within SCCM. Organisations can streamline security processes by utilizing Shavlik Patch’s ability to patch from within SCCM.

·     Centralised application patch deployment. Organisations can push updates to individual devices, overcoming the need end-users to patch individual applications.

·     Extensive software support. Shavlik Patch supports the most widely used applications including Adobe Acrobat, Apple’s iTunes and Oracle’s Java.

·     Language support. Shavlik Patch now includes localization for 11 languages, as well as new capabilities, which make setup, configuration and automation of third-party updates within SCCM even easier.

Shavlik, who has patched both Microsoft and third-party applications for nearly 20 years, was the first to offer a third-party patch add-on for Microsoft System Center. Shavlik also provides solutions to deploy patches within the data centre and track and manage software licenses.

Shavlik <> offers free trial <> versions of its products, including Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center, through its website <>  and select resellers. Shavlik will present additional insight on Shavlik Patch 2.1 in a webinar on November 13 at 11:00am EST. To sign up for the webinar, please visit