Splunk’s 2020 IT Predictions


The start of a new decade brings a new wave of technological change and unprecedented opportunities that will generate massive amounts of data, spawn new threats and transform the way we do business.

This year, technology experts at Splunk have pooled their insights to discuss how alert organizations can remain one step ahead in the year(s) to come.

“This report explores three areas: IT operations, IT security, and emerging technologies. We look at the near-term synergy of IoT and 5G technologies, and the long-term impact of ignoring user experience. And because leading companies will drive every decision with hard data, we look at the cost of leaving so much of your data in the dark. From AI advances to automation strategies to the new default security framework, organizations that show foresight in 2020 will be best positioned to turn challenge into opportunity.”

Stay ahead of the trends with Splunk’s 2020 Predictions Report and learn about:

  • What the future holds for 5G, IoT, blockchain and more in a truly connected world
  • Deepfakes, infrastructure attacks and other crazy-scary things that will keep you up all decade
  • Virtual interfaces, new ways to work with AI and other factors reshaping the IT experience