Strong Market Drives Connected Vehicle Security Solutions


Connected cars provide plenty to entice threat actors, with more than 400 million predicted to be on the roads globally by 2025.

Trend Micro Incorporated has announced VicOne, a new Trend Micro business unit designed to securing the electric vehicles and connected cars.

“At Trend Micro, we are driven by the desire to secure the connected world. As we focus on this mission, it is imperative that we need to free ourselves to explore the various new business model that fits the new supply chain,” said Ashley Watkins, Vice President ANZ, Trend Micro. “With VicOne, we anticipated an urgent OEM need for enhanced automotive cybersecurity. Built with the best of Trend Micro innovation, it will offer tremendous value to the industry.”

Electric vehicles are increasingly exposed to remote digital threats across a range of new attack scenarios. OEMs and suppliers must urgently build comprehensive cybersecurity protections into their ecosystem to comply with the new regulation by United Nations. It is designed to ensure vehicle-makers mitigate the growing threat to connected car ecosystems, driver safety, and sensitive data posed by the increased use of in-vehicle connectivity, software, over-the-air updates, and complex supply chains.

“Cybersecurity is an integral part of the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem. Microsoft provides a comprehensive and open platform service with a zero-trust mindset, enabling end-to-end security services for telematics and electric vehicles through the cloud computing and AI capabilities of the Azure IoT platform,” said Dr. Joe Lin, Greater China Region Lead, IoT Solutions at Microsoft. “We look forward to working closely with Trend Micro and VicOne to build a secure and reliable intelligent platform to drive the development of the ecosystem and move towards a green and sustainable future.”

Vehicle security operations centres (SOCs) are a vital step for carmakers looking to comply with regulatory measures by offering enhanced threat detection and response for software-defined vehicles. VicOne’s security operations centre integrates Microsoft Azure IoT services to collect telemetrics in automobiles and Azure data services to analyse security threats and breaches.

“Cybersecurity is an integral part of the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem. Microsoft provides a comprehensive and open platform service with a zero-trust mindset, ” said Soren Lau, General Manager of Asia and EMEA, IoT Partner Solutions at Microsoft. “We look forward to working  with Trend Micro and VicOne to enable end-to-end security solutions for telematics and EVs through Microsoft Cloud and AI features within Azure IoT services .”

Gartner also suggests the automotive industry should “partner with cybersecurity experts who can assess and propose a broad range of countermeasures. Be future-oriented and avoid doing the minimum to mitigate all threats listed by the regulation — doing so will lead you to continually playing catch-up to keep pace with cybercriminals.”

As part of these efforts, Trend Micro has formed a strategic partnership with MIH Consortium, an open EV platform alliance led by Foxconn, and has recently joined the Scalable Open Architecture for Embedded Edge (SOAFEE) initiative, which aims to provide a cloud-native architecture for the development of software-defined vehicles.

“The software-defined vehicle is the future of the global automotive industry and a driving force in accelerating the development of innovative automotive technology applications,” said Dipti Vachani, SVP and GM, Automotive and IoT Line of Business, Arm. “By joining other leaders across the automotive industry as a new member of SOAFEE, VicOne is bringing important expertise in security standards to help ensure a safer future for the automotive industry.”

VicOne will offer end-to-end security solutions for the automotive ecosystem, including secure by design, risk management, threat detection, and response.