Synopsys Authorised as a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA)


CNA designation issued by the CVE Program streamlines Synopsys’ ability to publish open source software vulnerabilities, underscoring its commitment to bolstering the security of the software ecosystem.

As a CNA, the Synopsys Software Integrity Group is now authorised to assign CVE identification numbers to newly discovered vulnerabilities and publish information about the vulnerabilities in the associated CVE records.

Since the inception of its Cybersecurity Research Center (CyRC), Synopsys has strived to improve the security posture of the open source community through testing tools like Coverity Scan, by providing enriched CVE data to customers through Black Duck Security Advisories, and by responsibly disclosing vulnerabilities it discovers through the CVE Program and other CNAs. As a newly designated CNA, Synopsys can streamline the process of publishing accurate and timely vulnerability information it uncovers to the public.

“We’re excited to take this next step in our progression as a good steward of the broader software ecosystem,” said Jason Schmitt, general manager of the Synopsys Software Integrity Group. “As a leader in application security, vulnerability research is part of our DNA. As a CNA, we can more effectively and efficiently disseminate the results of our research to our customers and the software community in general — for both newly discovered vulnerabilities and existing CVE records that may be inaccurate or incomplete.”

The CVE® Program is an international, community-based program whose mission is to identify, define, and catalogue publicly disclosed cybersecurity vulnerabilities. CVE IDs are assigned by CNAs, which are operated on a voluntary basis by participating organisations. Synopsys joins authorised commercial entities such as Linux, Red Hat, Google, and Microsoft as a CNA.

“The identification and availability of accurate and timely vulnerability information is essential when protecting the software supply chain,” said Christopher Fearon, Director of Research Engineering for the Synopsys Software Integrity Group.“As we expand our vulnerability research and development efforts within Synopsys CyRC, the direct nature of disclosing vulnerabilities as a CNA adds an increased level of transparency and speed to our research capabilities.”

To disclose a vulnerability through Synopsys or to learn about our responsible disclosure process, visit our Responsible Disclosure Policy.