Tackling Cyber Crime: The Role of Private Security


perpetuityimgThe role of private security and corporate security in addressing cyber crime has received relatively little coverage despite the growing threat of cyber crime, the significant consequences for businesses and the reality that the need for experts is in abundance, not least because police resources are limited. Perpetuity Research are conducting a survey as part of the Security Research Initiative to understand: How is cyber/information security viewed within businesses? What approach is (and should be) taken to managing the threats? And what input is needed to address cyber crime? If you are a physical security professional and or a cyber/information security professional and would like to have your say visit:https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SRI-cyber-crime. The survey is anonymous, takes approx 10 minutes to complete and the findings will be made available to participants. The deadline for responses is the 2ndFebruary 2016.


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