Tenable Announces Frictionless Assessment in AWS Marketplace


Tenable® Frictionless Assessment capabilities for vulnerability management in the cloud is now available in AWS Marketplace.

“Cloud computing delivers a massive competitive edge thanks to benefits from efficiency to scalability to mobility and speed. But legacy security tactics were built for a much slower, on-premises world and have no place in the cloud, where workloads can change by the second” said Renaud Deraison, chief technology officer and co-founder, Tenable. “Security teams working in cloud environments need purpose-built sensors that leverage native technology to perform instant, continuous and efficient assessment and deliver holistic visibility. That’s the best way to confidently harness the benefits of the cloud and that is precisely what Tenable is offering with Frictionless Assessment.”

Frictionless Assessment from Tenable is a revolutionary approach to vulnerability management for modern assets. Frictionless Assessment leverages native technologies deployed as part of the cloud asset to continuously assess instances for vulnerabilities. Customers will be able to evaluate cloud assets without interruption, quickly detecting new vulnerabilities as their environment changes without ever having to schedule a scan or deploy an agent.

This capability will launch first on Amazon Web Services (AWS), using AWS Systems Manager Run Command, to add an additional layer of security by allowing users to remotely and securely manage the configuration of their cloud instances without interruption. With the life of cloud workloads commonly measured in hours, Frictionless Assessment is designed to solve a key challenge of achieving and maintaining accurate visibility into cyber risk across all cloud-based assets.

Frictionless Assessment is being rolled out to customers in a phased approach by region and is now generally available to customers in Asia Pacific. Those customers can purchase Tenable.io with Frictionless Assessment in AWS Marketplace. Frictionless Assessment will be generally available to all customers later in the fourth quarter.