Tenable Network Security Announces SecurityCenter 5, Empowering Organisations to Continuously Measure, Analyse and Visualise Overall Network Health


Tenable LogoTenable Network Security®, Inc. <http://www.tenable.com/> , the leader in continuous network monitoring, has announced a new way to think about security assurance and risk assessment with the latest release of SecurityCenter, the company’s market-defining continuous network monitoring platform. Tenable’s SecurityCenter 5 now comes standard with the industry’s first-ever Assurance Report Cards (ARCs), an innovation designed to help CISOs and security teams measure and communicate the effectiveness of their security program to C-level executives, board members and business managers, helping align security policies with business objectives.

“As a business priority, cybersecurity has moved out of the server room and into the board room, because security breaches increasingly impact C-level concerns, like customer loyalty, brand reputation and regulatory compliance,” said Ron Gula, CEO, Tenable Network Security. “CISOs are under immense daily pressure to defend networks that have become indispensable to meeting business objectives and needs, but they often lack the tools to communicate a comprehensive view of network health up the chain of command. Tenable’s Assurance Report Cards in SecurityCenter 5 help CISOs know their other security investments are working, and then speak the language of business to convey the big picture to non-technical executives in a highly visual, easily understood format.”

ARCs enable CISOs to measure, analyse, and visualise the security posture of their IT enterprise, and report results in an intuitive report card format, perfect for sharing and presentations. SecurityCenter 5 comes pre-loaded with ARCs that correspond to the five most common security objectives found in security standards issued by organisations around the world—including the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, PCI DSS, the National Campaign for Cyber Hygiene, the Australian government’s Strategies to Mitigate Targeting Cyber Intrusions and the Center for Internet Security’s 20 Critical Security Controls. Tenable experts examined each of these standards to determine Tenable’s Five Critical Cyber Controls <http://www.tenable.com/blog/tenable-s-critical-cyber-controls-for-secure-systems> , which help CISOs implement a robust security policy founded on established industry best practices.

Tenable ARCs are more than just a reporting mechanism. ARCs provide a continuous, in-depth view into organizational security risk and its impact on business critical systems, helping determine the performance of existing enterprise security investments and close potential security gaps. SecurityCenter 5 continuously monitors and updates ARCs based on system status and user input, allowing security teams to evaluate and take the pulse of their networks at any time. CISOs no longer need to wait for the next audit or scheduled assessment to present relevant business data to their executives.

“Tenable’s Assurance Report Cards take the guesswork out of security,” said Renaud Deraison, Chief Product Officer, Tenable Network Security. “A CISO can walk down the hall to the CFO’s office, share a customised report card for their business on his iPad, and start a conversation on how secure and compliant they are – all in a matter of minutes. He doesn’t have to wait for a periodic assessment to complete, and he doesn’t have to spend time compiling critical metrics. It’s all there at his fingertips when and where it’s needed.”   The all-new SecurityCenter Continuous View 5 from Tenable Network Security will be publicly available April 30, 2015.

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