Tenable Network Security Enables Australian Financial Organisations to Meet APRA Guidelines With New Compliance Monitoring Solution


Tenable helps management, security and governance teams automate reporting for APRA IT security guidelines, enabling simplified compliance and enhanced data protection

tenablesymbolTenable Network Security has announced a new solution delivering advanced analytics and dashboards that enables financial services organisations to automate compliance reporting for Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) (http://www.apra.gov.au/AboutAPRA/Pages/Default.aspx) security guidelines.

“The reputation and business continuity of Australian financial institutions has been hit hard by the recent increase in global cyberattacks,” said Gary Jackson, vice president of APAC sales, Tenable Network Security. “One of the foundational elements of mitigating cyber risk is ensuring compliance with applicable standards and guidelines. With the new Tenable APRA dashboards, organisations benefit from increased automation to manage and monitor compliance with the APRA IT security guidelines. This not only provides support for the auditing process, but also gives security teams greater visibility into their organisational security posture to reduce cyber threats.”

The APRA Prudential Practice Guide (PPG) offers Australian businesses guidance on everything from financial data risk management to remunerating financial advice. Specifically, the Prudential Practice Guide 234 (PPG234) Management of Security Risk in Information and Information Technology assists business leaders and IT security specialists in Australian financial institutions with recommendations on the best way to effectively manage information technology and security risks while achieving business objectives.

Tenable provides financial institutions with the ability to continuously monitor, measure and effectively support business efforts to maintain adherence to these APRA risk and security controls. Industry leading vulnerability management and analytics dashboards from Tenable provide chief information security officers (CISOs), security managers, and practitioners with the visibility and context needed to take decisive action. With Tenable, they can reduce exposure and risk while managing compliance frameworks using an extensive set of pre-built checks. Additionally, organisations gain the ability to automate and validate their security controls in alignment with APRA industry best practices and recommendations.

For more information on how advanced reporting dashboards and analytics from Tenable enable Australian financial organisations to monitor APRA security guidelines and protect sensitive data, please visit the Overarching Framework dashboard page (https://www.tenable.com/sc-dashboards/cpg-234-overarching-framework),

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