Tenable strengthens payment card system security and enables faster threat response for retail operations, merchants and service providers


Sydney, 21 September 2016 — Tenable Network Security, a global leader transforming security technology for the business needs of tomorrow, has a new solution that continuously  monitors and maintains Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance posture for improved visibility and enhanced security for retail operations, merchants and service providers.

“Organisations, from big retailers to credit card payment processors, are targeted daily by cybercriminals because of the large amount of sensitive data passing through their networks and point-of-sale systems,” said Dave Cole, chief product officer, Tenable Network Security. “Retailers can minimise the likelihood of a breach by integrating continuous PCI compliance monitoring into their overall security strategy, but too many organisations view PCI as a burden and treat compliance like a once-a-year project. The new Tenable Continuous PCI Compliance Monitoring solution eases that burden by transforming compliance from a once-a-year occurrence to a fundamental building block of a successful and continuous security program.”

Tenable delivers comprehensive security for retail organisations and service providers through continuous monitoring, centralised data intelligence and purpose-built PCI dashboards and Assurance Report Cards to help meet and maintain PCI requirements.

Through a combination of active vulnerability assessments, intelligent connectors, passive listening and host data logging, organisations gain increased visibility into all devices across enterprise-wide environments, including physical, virtual, mobile and cloud, to enhance compliance and more quickly identify threats. Additional automation and anomaly detection helps users track and manage the entire PCI security program from a central location.

“Simply demonstrating compliance doesn’t prevent breaches,” said Cole. “Tenable makes it easy for security teams to deploy a comprehensive security program to adhere to compliance requirements, but more importantly, to better protect customer data from breach and theft on an ongoing basis.”

To learn how organisations can monitor and maintain their PCI compliance posture with Tenable, check out the “Continuous PCI Compliance Monitoring” solution story: https://www.tenable.com/solution-stories/pci-compliance – and download the “How to Enable Continuous PCI DSS Compliance Monitoring” white paper at: http://www.tenable.com/whitepapers/how-to-enable-continuous-pci-dss-compliance-monitoring

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