The future of innovation & the BIG CISO question?


In support of ISACA’s SheLeadsTech initiative and once again, months of hard work, the Cyber Risk Meetup moved on from a successful Singapore meetup and back to Sydney. At the central high-rise offices of AWS, and sponsored further by Privasec, nearly 150 cyber riskers heard from six special guests in an exclusive two segment panel session.

The Future of Innovation panel, moderated by Igor Shparberg, Director, e-Pocket (Int) and joined by Gillian Findlay, COO, Safety Culture, Frances Bouzo, Head of IT Security, iCare NSW, and Tabitha Bauer Executive Manager of Digital Assurance, CBA kicked off with ‘What gets you up in the morning?’ The panel entered a great discussion, from finding offices for a start-up in Surry Hills, motivating young people, and through to building a commercial minded enterprise but that also makes people feel better. The things we see in cyber security is continually challenging and changing, so it is self-motivating, but with young kids, the alarm clock still helps!

‘How do you keep up and translate it day to day?’ – “I hire people who are smarter than me”, said one panellist. Look at what’s coming. Put in automation and have a mix of people – the questions asked often creates learning and then technically trying to continually improve and set the bar high in cybersecurity.

How important is diversity? In Australia we should do more with it and use it to our advantage, far more so as we work and think globally – in a global industry with global resources. Recruiting on aptitude rather than qualifications is also an important factor, particularly in cybersecurity. Interestingly, but maybe not surprisingly, ‘return to work mothers’ and ‘military veterans’ have both been shown to show positive aptitude for cybersecurity. Maybe it’s the ‘battleground’ traits they share?…Click here to read full article.