The Need for Agility in UK Cyber Strategy Rollout


The UK government will launch what it calls the ‘first ever government cyber security strategy’ to counter increased cyber-attacks on IT systems and associated services within public services.

“The UK government’s cybersecurity strategic initiative looks good on paper and is likely to improve cyber resiliency in some areas. However, for this to really work, both public and private enterprises need to ensure they are agile in their implementation.” said Rajesh Muru, Principal Analyst at GlobalData.

“The increased digitalization of public services will only serve as a catalyst for cyberattacks in the future. The National Cyber Security Centre is already reporting that 40% of attacks between September 2020 and August 2021 were aimed at the public sector, demonstrating the sheer volumes that need to be dealt with.”

“However, the public sector has always been notoriously red-taped and rigid—with decisions around IT and systems often lacking the vision required for a digitally connected economy. For example, funding for IT within public services has been behind the curve, when considered against comparable private sector organizations.”

“The UK government’s strategic initiative is essential, but the government needs to bring in additional strategic initiatives and programmes to reform and re-organize departments trying to build upon weak foundations. It could learn a thing or two from the private sector, when it comes to preparing for future digital services.” said Rajesh Muru.