The Road ahead : How to survive as a new Cyber Security Manager


Cyber security breaches are once again hitting the headlines, with dire warnings of hacking on the rise; cybercrime, cyberwarfare, malware, ransomware and nation states all trying to access your information. Your company’s directors meet for their regular strategy meeting, where the CIO takes an action to hire an Information Security Manager to deal with all this complicated security stuff. Given your interest in this area, your manager suggests you have a crack at it. You accept! You are now your organisation’s Information Security Manager. Now what?

No surprise, I took the role! I love nothing better than this kind of career challenge. I have no regrets, having loved every single minute of it, however, looking back, I had no idea of the challenges that lay ahead. This article has been put together to help anyone looking to take the plunge as I have, with the list below of tips that will assist you to be better prepared than I was.

10 Tips on how to be more prepared for a cyber security breach

Tip 1

Get a mentor and work hard! Harder than you ever have before! Find someone with a solid information security knowledge that can assist with the fundamentals of information security and information assurance. I’d recommend looking here as a start

Tip 2

Take notes; lots of notes. In every meeting I attend, I come across acronyms, frameworks and standards I’ve not heard of. I discreetly write every one of them down and look them up afterwards.

Tip 3

Take some training. I’m not taking about university courses or technical study, you need to get some solid information security management training, ideally from an expert. There are a myriad courses out there on this topic, CISMP and CISM are ones that come to mind as a start (see Tip 2)…Click HERE to find out more about this article