This is cyber! so… what is cyber?


I had a call from a younger security industry peer, we chatted about governance, risk and controls for a while. After 10 minutes or so he said: “it sounds to me like you’re from more of an InfoSec background rather than a cybersecurity one.”

InfoSec vs. Cyber

There was a time when I would have asked him to define “cyber-” as opposed to “info-”, but experience tells me that this usually draws people into embarrassed ramblings or strident declarations that I feel duty bound to chase down rabbit holes – and apparently nobody likes a smart arse.

The language does reveal something of the modern approach to security however – the view is that Cyber is dynamic: real-time analysis of threats and attacks. InfoSec is boring: collection of asset information, impact analysis, setting of rules and management of risk. I get it, I really do. I was a CLAS consultant for 5 years until the scheme closed in 2014, and it was used by the majority as an excuse to sit and write reams of paperwork. I always challenged that approach and spent more time turning it into pictures than was probably strictly necessary. That worked for me and it helped to explain risk at a time when it was sorely misunderstood.

In those days (when all of this was fields) it was a requirement of government accounts that this work was done. A Senior Information Risk Officer at the Home Office would sign off my papers, accepting any residual risk I had decided was still in place after many months of design, assessment and redesign – all this AFTER an assessment against ISO27001 and a ListX certification for our working environment. Yes, this took years, but this was in the design, and operation was going to be monitored as per GPG13 (remember that CLAS fans?!)

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