Top Tips to Beat the Burglars


Many people wait until it’s too late to take holiday time home security seriously. There is a lot to worry about when planning a holiday. Leaving the family home protected with high quality security products is a great start for that holiday peace of mind.

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology household burglary is one of the most widespread crimes in Australia – with around 335,700 break-ins recorded in 2009-10. According to the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics only 5 per cent of these crimes are solved by the police, so the chance of homeowners recovering their stolen possessions is very low.

Mark Johnson, Managing Director of the Locksmiths’ Supply Company (LSC), which has supplied security products for over 85 years, believes by following simple tips home owners can avoid the risks of being robbed during the summer holidays.

“Nothing ruins a well-deserved holiday more than coming back to a home that has been broken into. Losing precious personal belongings coupled with the feeling that your privacy and security have been compromised can have a devastating effect on people. By taking some simple precautions many break-ins can be avoided,” Mr Johnson said.

Locksmiths’ Supply Company recommends these holiday security tips:

• Leave your contact number with a trustworthy neighbour who is not going away and tell them when you are leaving and when you’ll be back. Ask them to keep an eye on your home and empty the junk mail from your letterbox

• Cancel your paper delivery and redirect regular mail to a friend or relative or get the post office to hold it

• Secure all external doors with deadlocks. Make sure that all windows have window locks as even small windows can provide entry for burglars

• Install sensors on all external lights

• Have your valuables engraved with your driver’s licence number or a police identification number. Burglars will avoid taking property that can be recognised as stolen

• Secure jewellery and sentimental items in a fire-proof safe

• Gardening tools and ladders can be used to break into homes, so make sure that they are locked away. If you don’t have a shed, secure them with a weather resistant steel padlock

• Turn your phone down. An unanswered call that keeps ringing and ringing can alert people to an empty house. Do not create answering machine messages that say you are away

• Do not leave a spare key under the mat or in a ‘secret’ place. Professional burglars know all the hiding places. Invest in a key safe so that a trusted friend is able to access your home if needed

• So that neighbours have a clear view of your house cut back any bushes or shrubs that hide entry points to your home

• Install gate locks on all fence gates. Installing a lock on a driveway gate can prevent burglars using a car to conceal their activity

• Invest in a monitored alarm system. Ensure that the service knows that you are on holiday and can reach you while you are away

To properly secure your home, consult with your local locksmith.

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