Trend Micro’s Macro Vision


Trend Micro has unveiled its new Trend Vision One platform, which is comprised of attack surface risk management, cross-layer protection across hybrid environments, and next-generation XDR, amplified by generative AI technology.

XDR for hybrid IT

The platform’s Extended Detection and Response (XDR) capabilities include the broadest set of native security sensors to deliver comprehensive and cross-domain threat protection, by consolidating data across internal and third-party sources, utilising advanced AI and machine learning analytics, and correlated detection models, the platform brings the next generation of XDR to market.

“Trend offers us full security coverage as the first vendor on the market offering extended detection and response (XDR) across email, network, server, cloud, and IoT,” said Matthieu Vanoost, Security Manager, Decathlon. “Trend proved itself to be a strategic partner that could meet Decathlon’s needs. “Centralisation and automation are at the heart of Decathlon’s cybersecurity strategy, and this is why we partnered with Trend to ensure a streamlined security approach through our digital expansion.”

With visibility and insights into events, enterprises achieve more proactive defence, earlier detection, and faster incident response through capabilities including:

  • Cross-layer, hybrid environment support: Trend Vision One protects every layer of an organisation’s diverse IT infrastructure including endpoints, servers, email, cloud services, networks, 5G, and OT (Operational Technology). Trend has the unique advantage of being able to leverage its breadth and depth of capabilities across Cloud Security, Network Security, and Email and Endpoint Security natively in the platform. The platform also supports hybrid environments; empowering organisations to protect their assets across all environments — cloud, hybrid, or on-premises — without compromising security or the ability to extend to XDR.
  • Third-Party Ecosystem Integrations: Trend Vision One has tripled its integration ecosystem across third-party and partner networks over the last 12 months. Community- driven integration efforts enable enterprises to leverage integration to propel security organisations forward with consolidated visibility and analysis and streamlined workflow automation and orchestration.
  •  Global Threat Intelligence: global and local intelligence feed the platform to stay one-step ahead of adversaries. Trend intelligence unlocks deep breach activity and vulnerability intelligence with real-time threat insights, threat actor profiling, and end-to-end visibility into campaigns to rapidly understand and thwart attack attempts.
  • Expert Managed Services: Delivered together with the platform, Trend Micro brings greater simplicity and support to security operations with the broadest vendor-delivered managed detection and response (MDR) service on the market, augmenting internal teams with advanced threat detection, proactive threat hunting, rapid incident response, expert guidance, and continuous 24/7 monitoring and support.

Platform Supercharged by Generative AI

Trend brings transformative generative AI capabilities into its Trend Vision One platform, with the introduction of Trend Vision One – Companion —an AI-powered cybersecurity assistant.

Companion AI amplifies security operations, boosts productivity and efficiency, and accelerates threat detection, response, and cyber risk management for analysts of all skill levels. This marks the initial phase of a multi-quarter rollout of AI and LLM capabilities embedded within Trend Vision One.

  • Enhanced Accessibility and Efficiency: new analysts to contribute more quickly while enabling senior analysts to comprehend complex scenarios, facilitating better-informed decisions.
  • Improved Hunting with Speed, Confidence, and Accuracy: Transforming plain-language search queries into formal search syntax, Companion enables rapid generation and execution of queries, unveiling relevant information for proactive threat response actions and minimising adversarial movement.
  • Accelerated Workflows and Reduced Friction: Gain plain-language explanations of cross-layer event alerts, attacker scripts, and command lines, access deep analysis and contextual AI-driven mitigation recommendations, and automate email, help-desk ticketing, and incident reporting.
  • Amplified Impact via Platform Power: With cross-layer native sensors, market-leading threat intelligence, and robust integration capabilities.

“Delivering on the promise of XDR requires replacing complexity with simplicity, replacing bundles of products with integrated platforms,” said Frank Dickson, Group Vice President, Security & Trust, IDC. “Trend’s approach offers tangible benefits for security professionals by tightly integrating its products through greater consolidation, resulting in increased productivity and effectiveness of security professionals. And its support for hybrid environments means that for those in the real world that still have on-premises IT environment as well as cloud deployments that they will realise the benefits of XDR whenever they are.”

Proactive Attack Surface Risk Management

The core components of Trend Vision One’s Attack Surface Risk Management include:

  • Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM): Trend Vision One ASRM maximises existing investments and security infrastructure by leveraging data sources already deployed in the environment to provide deep visibility and insight into an organisation’s cyber asset landscape, ensuring proactive monitoring, risk assessment, and vulnerability management to prioritise and safeguard critical assets.
  • External Attack Surface Management (EASM): Risk management cannot be effective in silos. Trend Vision One EASM is integrated into the broader ASRM solution to enable defenders to gain a comprehensive outside-in view of the digital estate to identify potential threats and proactively mitigate risk originating from outside the network perimeter.
  • Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ): Security leaders can confidently communicate cyber risks, security posture, and resilience planning to the board, executive management, and compliance teams with proprietary and transparent cyber risk quantification reporting. Real-time, contextualised risk data ingests high-fidelity attack data, vulnerability and exposure insights, and security configuration and control status to quantify and benchmark performance, improve situational awareness, and prioritise critical actions.