Turning the Tide – Security Predictions for 2021


The coming year has never been more uncertain for enterprises as the world grapples with an ongoing pandemic. As remote work arrangements become even more prevalent, long-simmering security issues are growing at an exponential scale.

The far-reaching consequences of these abrupt changes demand recalibrated protection efforts. Increased online dependency requires enterprises to reconsider how they would conventionally view security.

Here are some cybersecurity concerns that Trend Micro foresees to affect enterprises in 2021:

  • Covid-19 and its effects on cybercriminal malicious campaigns and enterprises’ security priorities
  • Teleworking and the resulting hybrid environments and unsustainable security architecture
  • Data gathered from contact tracing as new prime targets of threat actors
  • Newly disclosed vulnerabilities and how attackers quickly weaponise these
  • Exposed APIs as the next favored attack vector for enterprise breaches
  • Enterprise software and cloud applications and how they will be hounded by critical bugs

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