UL to set up certification scheme for new Malaysian Chip Card Specifications


UL LogoUL is pleased to announce the Malaysian Electronic Payment System (MEPS) selected UL as their independent security laboratory partner to conduct security evaluation of the Malaysian Chip Card Specifications (MCCS).

The Malaysian Electronic Payment System Sdn Bhd (MEPS), is a payment consortium owned by eleven local banks and has been an integral part of the Malaysian financial landscape. In 2013, MEPS decided to replace the current Payment Multi-Purpose Card (PMPC) specification with a white label EMV specification to comply with the EMV standard and to improve interoperability, security and operational efficiency of their card payment infrastructure.

MEPS selected UL to set up certification schemes for the new MCCS standard which cover the certification body run by MEPS, the outsourced testing facility run by UL and a comprehensive set of test tools made available to industry stakeholders. UL will run the test laboratory in Singapore for card security, cards type approval and personalization validation and terminal type approval and brand certification testing for the MCCS standard.

Zulkanain Kassim, Group Managing Director at MEPS, said: “We are excited to work together with UL. We are confident that UL’s expertise and significant experience will help us set up state-of-the-art facilities and enable smooth security evaluation testing. This will help our customers to reach compliancy in an efficient manner.”

Jean-Luc Khaou, Managing Director Asia Pacific at UL’s transaction security division stated: “We are extremely proud that MEPS have chosen UL as their independent security laboratory to conduct security evaluation of the ATM cards, as well as provisioning and implementing the MCCS certification body facility. We believe that MEPS will greatly benefit from our expertise and experience in safeguarding security, compliance and global interoperability.”

UL has been instrumental in performing certification testing as an outsourced certification laboratory. Our labs are accredited by various industry organizations, including EMVCo, PCI, Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, EFTPOS and CBI.

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