UNSW have developed a free app to collect eye witness accounts of crime


iWitnessed was designed to help collect and preserve evidence about events you have experienced. It has a lot of useful features to help witnesses and victims of an incident:

  • iWitnessed has been designed by Psychological scientists who are experts in eyewitness memory and police interviewing.
  • iWitnessed uses a guided recall procedure that has been designed to maximise the value of the information recorded while also helping protect your memory of the event.
  • iWitnessed can be used for any type of event, ranging from traffic accidents to terrorism. It can also be used to document both one-off and recurring events.
  • You can enter information as text or record your spoken responses if you prefer. You can add images such as photographs (e.g., of people, places or injuries) or screenshots (e.g. of text messages, social media or emails).
  • If you are online and give approval, each entry is ‘stamped’ with the date, time, and GPS location.
  • If you are concerned about security you can choose to protect your entries with a PIN code.
  • The information is stored on your device until you choose to send it to someone by email.
  • iWitnessed provides direct links to support services and information about the psychological effects of trauma.

For more information visit https://sydney.edu.au/science/psychology/iWitnessed/