Veeam Releases Encrypted Date Cloud Vault Storage Solution


Data protection and ransomware recovery company Veeam has rolled out a new platform called Veeam Data Cloud Vault, a cloud-based storage service that enables users to securely store backup data off-site and in an always-immutable and encrypted format.

Veeam says enterprises can leverage the new Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) offering to store, manage and access data without having to design, implement and manage cloud or physical storage infrastructure aligned to zero trust principles.

Accessible through Veeam’s software interface, Veeam Vault delivers a pre-configured and fully-managed cloud storage resource on Azure that eliminates customer headaches of securely architecting infrastructure and unpredictable cloud cost models – key challenges of both enterprise and SMB organizations.

“Storing a backup of your data offsite is an essential part of any backup strategy and it’s critical to rapid, clean recovery from an outage or a cyber-attack,” said Veeam CEO Anand Eswaran. “New Veeam Data Cloud Vault meets this demand of enterprises by delivering an added level of data protection, cyber resilience, compliance adherence, faster recovery, and prevention against insider threats. These factors collectively contribute to strengthening the overall security posture of organizations without breaking the bank.”

Instead of managing their own cloud or physical storage infrastructure, organisations can leverage Vault to store, manage and access their data in a predictably priced subscription model. Veeam Vault pricing includes the storage component, and the necessary API calls to write to that storage in an immutable format, as well as read and egress data in the event of a recovery.

New Veeam Data Cloud Vault is available now via Azure Marketplace for a single fee per TB/month based on region, and includes storage, write/read APIs, and egress.