Wavelink to act as distributor of COBS SMART1 System in Australia and New Zealand


Wavelink_logoWavelink has announced an agreement with Swedish alarm and messaging producer, COBS AB to act as the distributor of the COBS SMART1 System throughout Australia and New Zealand. The SMART1 System will be available in August 2016.

The SMART1 solution comprises:
– a dual–mode, android-based smartphone for on-premises use, with DECT technology delivering HD voice, combined with Wi-Fi to enable high speed data and applications integration. The handsets are DECT GAP-compliant, meaning they can be added to any existing DECT system that is also GAP-compliant
– IP-DECT radio base stations to provide a complete wireless voice and messaging platform to greenfield sites
– software to manage message delivery, handsets, and applications.

Ilan Rubin, managing director, Wavelink, said, “Wavelink has been distributing DECT solutions in Australia and New Zealand for almost 18 years. The SMART1 solution perfectly complements our existing offering. It combines the best of DECT and Wi-Fi technology into a single, state-of-the-art device. It also has a number of specific features such as dedicated duress button, built-in location, top display for alarm and message display, ruggedised design, and push-to-talk capability; all of which are ideal for many of our partners’ healthcare customers.

“The SMART1 solution is seen as an opportunity for customers who are invested in the DECT technology to introduce applications by using the Android platform, whilst leveraging DECT as a tried and tested robust voice platform.”

Soren Erlandsson, CEO, COBS AB, said, “We are very excited to have reached this agreement with Wavelink. While this agreement does not affect COBS’ existing distribution arrangements for our other products in Australia and New Zealand, we recognised that the SMART1 required a high level of value-added distribution, which Wavelink is able to deliver. Having just completed a week-long visit around Australia meeting with Wavelink, its partners, and end customers, we are buoyed by the positive reaction the SMART1 received.”

About Wavelink
Wavelink specialises in the supply, marketing and support of a range of leading edge Enterprise Mobility and UC Solutions. Wavelink distributes a range of products from Spectralink, Fortinet, Extreme Networks, Digium, Lightspeed, Polycom and Purple WiFi. For more information please contact Wavelink on 1300 147 000.

COBS AB is one of Sweden’s leading companies within alarm and messaging features for wireless telephony. With a starting point within DECT telephony we have developed numerous different features with focus on safe and secure communication.