Working together towards a Cyber Smart Nation


By Allan Mouawad, Fortinet Network Security Academy Project Manager

Fortinet_LogoTag_BlackRed_SmThere is no shortage of hackers, cyber criminals and rogue operators. And why not? The hours are short, there are no dress codes nor long commutes and the pay is great. Legitimate network security specialists, on the other hand, are in short supply. Indeed, finding people who understand simply the basics of network security is a tough ask for many Australian businesses. And once a business trains up their security staff they are lured away for more pay to a company with deeper pockets. No wonder network security is one of the key concerns of CIOs across the country.

This lack of network security specialists and practitioners is made abundantly clear in the recently announced Australian Cyber Security Strategy. It states that “the information security field is expected to see a worldwide deficit of 1.5 million professionals by 2020,” and calls for “programs for all people at all levels in the workforce to improve their cyber security skills and knowledge starting with those in executive level positions.”

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“Allan Mouawad, Fortinet Network Security Academy Project Manager”

Introducing the Fortinet Network Security Academy
Fortinet takes these concerns seriously. Over the years Fortinet has offered a wide range of training and certification programs in Australasia for Fortinet staff, Partners and clients. But as the requirement for more security-aware staff in government, industry and education has grown exponentially, Fortinet has recognised the need to expand training and education offerings to a much wider audience. As a result, Fortinet is introducing its industry-recognised training and certification program, called the Fortinet Network Security Academy (FNSA), into Australasia.

Woking in tandem with TAFEs, tertiary institutions and private training facilities, the FNSA is designed to give students a firm understanding of the dynamics at play in network security, training in developing and deploying network security policies and hands-on knowledge of techniques to enforce network policies in the workplace…Click HERE to read full article.