ASIS Queensland Chapter


ASIS websiteThe Queensland Chapter #268 of ASIS International regularly hold breakfast meetings throughout the year. This April’s meeting was attended by some 35 members and guests, and the topic was ‘November 2014, the G20 Meeting and the CBD Effect’ the Official Line.

This presentation is similar to that which Queensland Police Services have been presenting to stakeholder groups around the Brisbane business districts in the lead up to this Novembers G20 meeting, to be held this year in Brisbane.

The security exercise that will surround this meeting will be one of the largest that has been undertaken in Australia. The presentation is one that is providing information to relevant stakeholders on a number of issues, these include;

  • Business continuity planning/around possible road closures/disruption to services with motorcade and route announcements/public transport disruptions in certain areas
  • Restricted areas and relevant legislation that will be in force during the week leading up to the event and throughout the long weekend of the actual meeting
  • Serviced manning levels and layers of operational jurisdiction, federal/state/private providers etc.

It was a great presentation that was well received by all who attended.


Senior Sergeant Steve Vokes,  Queensland Police Service.

Steve has 30 years of experience in the QPS predominately as a Detective. Steve’s current role within the G20 Group sees him managing critical engagement activities with Issue Motivated Groups. Prior to commencing with the G20 Group last year, Steve was seconded to the Queensland Reconstruction Authority for several years.