Committee report on Police Powers at Airports Bill


The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security has tabled its advisory report on the Crimes Legislation (Police Powers at Airports) Bill 2018.

The Bill introduces new powers for police constables and protective services officers working at major airports throughout Australia. Powers include the ability to issue directions in order to safeguard aviation security.

Under the proposed laws, an individual could be ordered to leave an airport, or to not take a specified flight, for a period of up to 24 hours.

The Chair of the Committee, Mr Andrew Hastie MP, said

During its review of the Bill, the Committee examined whether the new powers were proportional to the threat posed to aviation security. It also considered whether oversight and accountability mechanisms were sufficient and appropriate.

The Committee made nine recommendations in relation to the Bill. These recommendations include an improvement to transparency and accountability requirements, allow for expedited judicial review of move-on directions, and ensure the new laws do not interfere with the right to peaceful assembly and protest. 

Evidence to the Committee’s inquiry, and a copy of the Committee’s report can be found at the PJCIS website.

The Committee also has presented its report on its review of the administration and expenditure of Australia’s intelligence agencies for 2016–17, fulfilling one of its key statutory oversight functions. A copy of the report is available at the PJCIS website.