Credit card knives seized at airports


crest_conventionalSince October last year, 81 credit card knives have been seized by the Australian Federal Police at airports around Australia. Disturbingly, 22 of these knives were seized by the AFP in the last month (September) alone.

Despite the obvious danger an item such as this poses, airport screening is detecting – and the AFP are seizing – more and more of these knives at Australian airports.

Credit card knives are not a novelty item – they are not toys. They are a dangerous weapon, they are illegal and they are banned from being taken on domestic and international flights.

All states and territories have offences applicable to the possession of a knife without a lawful or reasonable excuse.

Further, buying them – usually online – is also illegal in most states and territories.

All jurisdictions have offences relating to the sale of a knife that is manufactured in a manner that disguises or conceals the blade, and gives the impression of an innocuous item such as a plastic card, with similar dimensions to that of a credit card.

The penalties for carrying a concealed prohibited item are serious. (See table attached)

In the ACT, a person found carrying a credit card knife may be charged with ‘possess knife in public place without reasonable excuse’ under the Crimes Act 1900, which has a penalty of up to $1,400 or imprisonment for six months or both.

Protecting the Australian community is the highest priority for Coalition Government, and anyone carrying these weapons should consider themselves warned that you will be detected and dealt with by authorities.

State/Territory possession offences

State/Territory Legislation Penalty
New South Wales Weapons Prohibition Act 1998s.7.1 Possess prohibited weapon Summary: 100 penalty units and/or 2 years imprisonmentIndictable: 14 years imprisonment
Victoria Control of Weapons Act 1990s.5AA Possess prohibited weapon 240 penalty units or 2 years imprisonment
Australian Capital Territory Crimes Act 1900s.382 Possess knife in public place without reasonable excuse 10 penalty units and/or 6 months imprisonment
Queensland Weapons Act 1990s.51.1 Possess knife in public place without reasonable excuse 40 penalty units and/or 1 year imprisonment
South Australia Summary Offences Act 1953s.21E Possess knife in a public place without lawful excuse $2,500 or 6 months imprisonment
Western Australia Weapons Act 1999s.7 Possess controlled weapon without lawful excuse $24,000 and 2 years imprisonment
Northern Territory Weapons Control Acts.7.1 Possess controlled weapon without lawful excuse 200 penalty units or 12 months imprisonment
Tasmania Police offences Act 1935s.15C Possess dangerous article in a public place without lawful excuse 10 penalty units