Helping schools understand radicalisation to violent extremism


mfgimgThe Radicalisation Awareness Information Kit is now available online and I have written to all State and Territory Education Ministers encouraging them to share and promote the information kit in their schools.

The information kit helps all Australians understand the radicalisation process and how to respond if they are concerned about someone they know.

The potential radicalisation of young Australians to violent extremism, including those in our schools, is something all Australian governments are deeply concerned about.

School communities are an important part of governments’ efforts to support vulnerable youth and address radicalisation to violent extremism.
The first step is to help schools understand what radicalisation is and what it is not.

The Government continues to work with all States and Territories to support our young people in schools and assess what further work is needed to ensure we keep our young people safe from the influence of violent extremism.

Radicalisation doesn’t just impact the individual; it has profound effects on those around them and our country as a whole.
The best way to build resilience to violent ideologies is through families, friends, communities and local institutions.

It is important that anyone who is in danger of becoming radicalised is put on a different path as early as possible before they harm themselves or others.

The people who are most likely to have a positive impact on someone at risk will be people they trust— parents, friends, teachers or community leaders.

These people are in the best position to identify the warning signs and help turn an individual away from violent extremism.