Participant Information Letter: Multidimensional Statistical Scaling Survey Questionnaire Invitation


Curtin Uni LogoMy name is Michael Coole, I am currently undertaking a PhD through Curtin University, Western Australia, to highlight and map Physical Security’s knowledge system. Occupational domains are structurally understood through the similarity and contrast between their knowledge categories. The study is using a mathematical process to map the structure of Physical Security knowledge category concepts utilizing two survey questionnaires. As participants open the link you will be randomly assigned one of two surveys to complete.

Aim: To uncover a knowledge structure for physical Security through a cultural domain analysis.

Guidelines: As a security professional it is requested that you spend approximately 15 minutes completing the linked survey. The survey contains a rating scale questionnaire seeking your perceived relationship between matched pairs of physical security concepts. I would like you to score in the questionnaire boxes your perceived degree of difference where 1 indicates the knowledge concepts are Highly Similar and 10 indicates they are Dissimilar.

If you have any questions please contact Michael Coole:

Follow this link to the Survey: